Eldo's Got Talent

The Lighthouse Children’s Theatre (LCT) of El Dorado Springs will be having a Dessert Theatre Fundraiser at the El Dorado Christian School on Friday, February 17, 2023.  This will be the perfect place and time to showcase your organization’s talent and to promote its opportunities. By joining us for this fun event you will receive the following:

1. a performance time slot of 5-10 minutes,
2. a table to promote your organization,
3. 10% of all show tickets sold by your organization,
4. mentioned in advertisements of the event,
5. and, of a course, a fun night of great performances and delicious dessert.

So did you catch that! Not only is this event a FREE promotional opportunity, but depending upon your ticket sales, could it also be a great fundraiser for you? Yes! Yes, it could. For every $10 ticket sold, your organization will keep $1 of it. So please give this serious consideration. This is an opportunity you or the audience does not want to miss! We anticipate spots to fill up fast, so do not hesitate long. To assure your organization is listed in all advertisements, we must have payment and the enclosed form returned by Friday, January 20, 2023.

In order to plan such a big event, we do need solid commitments from performing groups. Therefore, to reserve your performance spot a fully refundable fee of $50 per each performance will be required. The fee will be refunded upon the completion of the performance and reconciliation of issued show tickets. 

As the vision of this event is to promote opportunities of growth to our surrounding communities, we understand calendars fill up fast. Perhaps the date does not work for your organization, but you know an individual that would enjoy performing. While priority will be given to organizations first, as space is available, we will honor individual performances. The individual reservations will include all the aforementioned benefits EXCEPT the display table.

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